How Can I Help?

I primarily work with elementary students. My work focuses on students who struggle with concepts often due to the demands put on them by the curriculum, especially in these days of high-stakes testing, growing class-sizes and the pressures that arise from what I call "the homework wars." 

I combine my years of teaching experience in the classroom and as a father with educational therapy techniques to help young students focus and feel better about themselves and their abilities.

As a content specialist I am uniquely qualified to help your child, be it simple tutoring to catch up, observing and assessing the educational environment in the classroom, communicating with your child’s teacher about an IEP or advocating for parents and students needing services.

I am a credentialed teacher (in California and New Jersey) I have a unique ability to connect with young kids and communicate with them in a way that puts them at ease. As a teacher, I understand what motivates young students and what does not.

When I was in the classroom, I would often use humor (a powerful tool) and music to engage my students. I never use rewards; rather, I find ways to present concepts organically, creating an intrinsic motivation to learn. Kids are built to learn; I simply try to find a way to help all concerned harness their abilities.

If your child is receiving services, or you feel your child qualifies for services but is being denied or under-served, I may be able to help with your IEP or 504 plan. Often a classroom visit by a Content Specialist will result in more attention paid to the plan that is in place (but I no longer do classroom visits).

In a classroom visit I (someone else) will watch for evidence of implementation of the plan. I (someone else) will be able to help determine if the plan is effective or needs tweaking, or if school personnel need to focus a bit more on implementation (which is often the case).

It is important to make sure you have support in your IEP meeting; reports and observations from professionals, family, teachers and counselors all must be considered in any IEP or 504 plan. It is your right and obligation to be fully prepared for the meetings, and you may bring others to the meeting.

On the sidebar of this blog there are many links to organizations that have in-depth articles and information on IEP, 504 and other service-related issues facing students with special needs.

Please don’t hesitate to email me or call me at (510) 473-6035.

• Tutoring

In-class assistance

• Alternative curriculum development

• Educational Therapy

Neutral, third-party classroom observations & reporting

• IEP advocacy

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